About our Sauce

The concept of White BBQ Sauce originally comes from North Alabama where it was served as a dip with BBQ pork and chicken. Now we say it is “the anything sauce” because GGG Food’s White BBQ Sauce goes great with almost anything! The decision was made to keep the title “White BBQ Sauce” name as a tribute to the region from where it originated.

Our sauces do not have to be refrigerated, even after opening.

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Our Sauces

White BBQ Sauce
White BBQ Sauce is the most versatile sauce ever! Use White BBQ Sauce with beef, pork, chicken, seafood, noodles, salads, or on bread like you would garlic butter.
You can use White BBQ Sauce as a dip, marinade, or basting sauce.
Inject White BBQ Sauce into chicken or turkey, or just about anything you can think of.
Brush White BBQ Sauce on fresh pineapple and grill!
You can add anything to White BBQ Sauce! Try some herbs, seasonings, bourbon or tequila!


Wasabi White BBQ Sauce
Wasabi White BBQ Sauce is great on grilled or broiled seafood or vegetables. Toss Wasabi White BBQ Sauce with cooked noodles. Use on bread as you would garlic butter and toast or grill. Use Wasabi White Sauce as a salad dressing or as a dip on raw vegetables.Try it on a roast beef or turkey sandwich. After all, Wasabi is Japanese horseradish …..duh!


Chipotle White BBQ Sauce
Our hottest sauce.  Remember, the longer you marinate your food in the Chipotle Sauce the less heat there will be in the finished product. So, if you want it spicy, just marinate in Chipotle White BBQ Sauce for an hour or two at the most. For wimps, marinate overnight. There will be no heat but you will have a wonderful smoky flavor!  Chipotle White BBQ Sauce is great on chicken, pork, beef (especially ribs), breads or pizza. Mix with butter and keep in the refrigerator to use on fish, steaks or chops.
Use as a marinade on fish and as a finishing sauce on fish tacos.   Try it in your favorite pasta salad recipe.


OMG White BBQ Sauce
Great for grilling chicken and for making the best ColeSlaw ever.


Darn Good Sauce
A great marinade for steak but equally at home replacing balsamic vinegar on tomatoes.  We love it on french fries, french fried onion rings, and chicken fingers too.  This one is a good dipping sauce.


Wing Sauce
Oh so good on our chicken wings.  Prepare as you desire, grill – bake – fry,  and slop on the Wing Sauce – yummy!


Road Kill Sauce

Weird name, great sauce.  Our White Sauce with a Sriracha kick.


NOTE:  We are not presently shipping Dizzy Des Sauce.