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The “Q” Review rates GGG Foods Wasabi BBQ Sauce as # 1 in the category of “Best Non-BBQ-Sauce” http://www.the-q-review.com/2012/06/glenns-gourmet-goodies-wasabi.html?showComment=1357059194256#c8028681749833516075
BTW – The reason for Non-BBQ Sauce category is that the sauce is not your run-of-the-mill red, sugar filled, BBQ sauce that is applied at the end of grilling.  These sauces can be used for basting then all through the grilling process and used as a spread on your choice of bread, just spread on bread, place on grill, sauce side down for a few minutes and enjoy. Your GGG Team.

I received my order today! Just wanted to say Thank You for getting it out to me! Merry Christmas -Already made toast to sample – my 11 and 15 year old opened a bottle in the car- *errands after school* and were putting their finger in the cap to taste it! #1 mom again for a while. My family and I seriously love and appreciate it. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! ~Donna

The “Q” Review for Wasabi White BBQ Sauce can be seen at this web address.

The “Q” Review for Chipolte White BBQ Sauce can be seen at this web address.

“Hi, I just want to say your sauce is so delicious. I baked some BBQ chicken with the white sauce last night and it was SOOOO delicious. Thanks again for the sauce” Felecia

“Word of mouth is the best advertising and I have told everyone how great the white BBQ sauce is.I received the White BBQ Sauce and Wasabi today!! Thank you so much.I look forward to doing business with Glen’s. p.s. We’re not in any kind of retail business, we just like good food and the WBBQ Sauce really adds wonderful taste to a meal. Today we had it on chicken nuggets instead of honey-mustard sauce and it was very good.Thanks again.” L. Pinckney

“I sampled your sauces at Costco on Charlotte Pike in Nashville, TN several months ago and bought the Wasabi,and the Chilpotle.I can’t find them at Costco anymore (at least the one on Charlotte Pike in Nashville). Is your product in any other store in the Nashville area or do I have to buy it on line? I sure would buy a lot more of it if I could just hop in the car and get some!” Suzanne

“I would like to server your White BBQ sauce and the Chipotle White BBQ at a wedding we are hosting in Aug. We are server BBQ chicken for about 150 guest.  I am really excited about getting my order.   I first tried your sauce at costco, and fell in love with it.” Brenda

“I tried your white BBQ sauce and think it is the best I’ve tried.”

“Hi, I found White sauces at HEB in Austin, Texas and loved all of them.Now, I can’t find them anymore. I’m hoping to find the product at Costco, then. It’s worth ordering online,too.” Jan Ricard

“I bought 3 bottles of your sauce when you were demonstrating at Costco in Alpharetta, GA this year.I have a 17 year old son who loves to cook and try different combinations of flavors. He absolutely loves the Chipotle and my daughter loves it mixed with cream cheese, like you had it at Costco.” Thanks, Marcie

“Received the barbecue sauce today. Thanks for the fast attention to the shipping of my order. The sauce is great but I can’t get it where I live so will place another order in the future. Gail

“Hi, I bought several bottles of your sauce when you were there doing a tasting.I was at the Hoover Costco.Thanks” Teri Hamilton

“I first want to tell you that I have recently tried your White BBQ sauce for the first time and I can’t get enough. I love it.I originally bought the white bbq sauce because it has no carbohydrates.” John Baker

” Thank you for replying to my e-mail, I realize how hard it is to get people to try something new & even harder to keep them loyal.  The first time I had a white BBQ sauce was 15 years ago at a tiny “joint”in Nashville. I have not seen one since,so imagine my excitement to find yours!I would love to try your White BBQ sauce & have no reservation about paying for the product & shipping.Thank you so much for the bottles of the BBQ Sauce. It is amazing. I am really glad to know that I can order it on-line, it will not last long in this house!”Regards, Maura

“I first bought the white sauce at Burris Farmer’s market near Foley! Helllllllppppppppp!I live in Montgomery. Thanks so much for responding. We have a place in Gulf Shores & so we go down quite a bit.I stop at the farmer’s market on my way often & I spotted your sauce. We love “black & white chicken” so I got some.  Stopped back by Burris Market on my way home & got 2 more bottles. We’re down to last 1 now!” Thanks! Sharon

“That’s great news. I’m down to one bottle. Also, lately I have been adding the wasabi to my mash potatoes and people love it!!!  It gives them just a little kick.  I look forward to meeting you.” Joshua 1:8 Russell

“Approx. 2 years ago, I saw your sauce at an Albertson’s Super Market, and bought it, thinking it was just another sauce with a catchy spin on bbq sauce. I bought a bottle, took it home and opened it up. It tasted ok, so I tried it on my grill that night.  As soon as that sauce hit the chicken, it brought on a whole new life!!!  Folks in the neighborhood could smell the grill smoke and thought they had died and went to heaven. I spend a lot of time testing and tasting sauces, and tell everyone about your fabulous sauce!! Like your sauce? I LOVE your sauce!!” Thanks. Bill

“My husband isn’t supposed to eat regular red bbq sauce, so when I saw some of yours in the store, I purchased it to try – we really like this wonderful sauce.” Mrs. Irvon

“I tried your sauce at a demo at Costco, bought it and now can’t live without it.” Thanks! Kim

“Folks, you have one mad Texan here. I was a loyal, salivating fan of your Chipotle sauce and when we ran out a couple of months ago, we were anguished to find that our local (Killeen, TX) store quit carrying it!”- Stewart Brouillette

“We bought three of your sauces at the Alpharetta Costco last week I believe. It is great! My son an employee at the store said you don’t have it available yet at his store. My question is where can I find it in the Alpharetta, Roswell, Canton, Woodstock Ga area?” – Joe Winter

“Are you guys sure these sauces are legal?  Some things this good are illegal!!”

“My goodness they are awesome!! It was snowing like crazy last night around supper time, so I pan fried a coupla hamburger patties and sauteed a bunch of sweet onions, then hosed ’em down with some Wasabi sauce. Oh man, I wanted to lay down to eat!!” – John

“THANKYOU SO MUCH!  My barbecue sauce arrived this morning.  Not only do you have a great product, you have great service too.  I really appreciate the way you do business  It’s gotten to be so rare in this day to really get customer service.” – Gail

” Hi!  We met you at two Florida locations,  Altamonte and Orlando on Orange Blossom Trail. We bought a number of bottles from you and LOVE your product. We already have to order more – Carole”

” Thank you so much. We appreciate your product and your integrity. My grandson had an idea to put chipotle sauce on Pigs in a Blanket and they love wasabi on hot dogs. My granddaughter Zoe is still working on a chipotle pancake recipe. We pray for great success in your business and so appreciate you and your product. – Carole”